Bandar Q Online

Bandar Q How To Play in PKVGames

Daftar Bandar Q Online – The BandarQ game is a game that uses 1 domino card deck. In 1 deck the domino has 28 cards. This game is the same as the game Qiu – Qiu. If Qiu – Qiu uses 4 cards then bandarQ only uses 2 cards as a winner. This game can be played from 2 people to 8 people, maximum in 1 table and in each round there will be 1 person in the table. Each player will complain about the card with the dealer. If the card you hold is higher than the dealer, you will come out as a winner.

Bandar Q Online
Bandar Q Online

To determine the winner in this game is very easy. It can be said that this game is easiest when compared to other games. The number of our cards as installers must be higher than the dealer, so the dealer will pay the number of bets placed by the player. Bandar Q Online

Tricks to Win Playing Bandar Q Online

If there are 2 players and 1 dealer on the game table. With player 1 getting card 2, player 2 gets card 7 and bookie gets card 6. Then betting money on player 1 will be won by the bookie and the dealer will pay a bet on player 2. For this system it will apply to 3 players, 4 players and so on until it reaches 7 players in 1 table.

The smallest value in this game is 0 and the biggest is 9. If there are players who have managed to get a score of 9 the number of bets will be paid twice. If there are players who get the same card value as the dealer, then the dealer will win the bet in other words the player or player must have a higher value than the bookie.

As we have explained before, that this game our cards must be higher than the dealer to win bets on the table. In this game there is no word hockey or the site is bad, because the cards that are distributed are directly from the center of the game. Surely there are the right tips for playing this game. So we will provide tips for playing bandarQ to you:

Determine the amount of your winnings

This is the most important tips, because most people will definitely forget to withdraw when they have won. So you must determine the amount of your winnings before starting the game. If you deposit 250,000, your target of winning should be 2 times the amount of the deposit. So the amount of money accrued has reached 750,000, you can withdraw and leave a little to continue playing the next day.

See the situation

As a player or player you must be smart in seeing the right situation to sit on the table. Look at dealers who always get low / bad cards. This is a game table that is very suitable for you as a player, because it will most likely win the bet. bandar

Start Betting with Minim

Surely you want to immediately win bets with large amounts when playing. It is recommended that you do not immediately start betting with maximum bets, because we do not know whether the card we get will definitely be good. So we have to start betting with the most minimal bets.

Stay away from the table has more than one Bandar

Never choose a table that has more than one dealer, because chances are your money will decrease. Our point is that if there are 3 bookies on the table, you will win from the first bookie and most likely will lose to the second bookie. Here your money will automatically continue to be deducted, because each of your wins will be deducted by 3%.

Do not place bets to the maximum

Try to look at the players at the table. Pay attention to players who place bets up to the maximum, most likely players who make maximum bets will lose, right? Our tip is to avoid bets to the maximum, just the most bets are multiplication of 3. Don’t be tempted to win a lot in time, just slowly and enjoy the game. Remember the saying that says little – a little, over time will hike.

Moving Table

You as a player experience a defeat of more than 3 times, it is strongly recommended to immediately move the table. In our experience so far, if you have lost more than 3 times then you will experience defeat. Move the table and look for the table like our previous tips.

Here are tips from us to play the BandarQ game. Our tips do not guarantee your winnings up to 100% but will increase your winning percentage for sure. Please try and we pray for the best for you.

Bandar Q Pencarian Google
Bandar Q Pencarian Google

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